Christ-Centered Counselor

When you find yourself in confusing or painful life circumstances, I am here to walk with you, hold space, and point you to Jesus.

Hardship, loss, trauma...

Our world is broken. The effects of this are seen in natural disasters, governments and unjust systems, relational conflicts, sickness & death, and even in our own hearts and minds.

No matter what caused your current struggle, the power of the Spirit, communion with Jesus, and the wisdom of Scripture pour out healing and transformation for a hurting heart.  


Where Spiritual Formation & Mental Health Meet

At the intersection of spiritual formation and mental health is what we sometimes call Biblical Counseling, or more broadly: Soul Care. There are a lot of helpful resources for our bodies & minds and yet hard seasons of life can make us feel like we are lost in a wilderness. Scripture tells us God draws near when his people suffer but sometimes we need help seeing how our experiences map onto God’s bigger story. When reality falls short of what you expected and hoped for, I am here to walk with you in that gap and help you find a way forward with God.

“Heartache forces us to embrace God out of desperate, urgent need. God is never closer than when your heart is aching.” ― Joni Eareckson Tada


If you...

  • feel angry or let down by God
  • are reeling from church hurt and feel spiritually disoriented
  • want to heal from emotional or religious trauma
  • feel overwhelmed parenting adopted or special needs children
  •  grieve infertility, adoption loss, or miscarriage
  • grieve the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship
  • experience shame or guilt over past life choices
  • want to find direction and clarity during a confusing season
  • have a painful relationship with your spouse or parents
  • are struggling to process a complicated childhood
  • battle unexplained or uncontrollable anxiety
  • wrestle with doubt & faith
  • find it difficult to hold onto hope

You don’t have to walk this journey alone

You are loved...

“The love of Christ for me will get last say. He is merciful to me for his name’s sake, for the sake of his own goodness, for the sake of his steadfast love and compassion (Psalm 25). When he thinks about me, he remembers what he is like, and that is my exceeding joy. My indestructible hope is that he has turned his face towards me, and he will never turn away.”
― David Powlison

Meet Loraena

Like many people, I know what it’s like to be disoriented, confused, and despairing. Yet, God has been faithful and I am here to say that He is still faithful to you, too. People (and lots of other things in life) will let us down but Jesus never will. I come alongside you as one who can relate to your suffering and point you to the One by whom we find our bearings.

For many years, I served alongside my husband in bi-vocational ministry and grew a passion for how our faith intersects with our struggles and how powerfully transforming it is when we humbly and wisely care & counsel each other as the hands and feet of Jesus (and how destructive it can be when we do it badly).  So when the Lord opened the doors for me to attend seminary with a focus in counseling & care, I jumped at the chance! It is my current day job and great privilege to hold hope alongside you whether you find yourself in the midst of deep pain or need a bit of guidance as you sort a few things things out. 

My life experience includes parenting children from hard places, parenting autism, interracial adoption, and advocacy for women in vulnerable communities around the world. I live in the Cedar Hills area of Portland with my wonderful husband, teenage daughters, and two fluffy dogs. Most days you’ll find me chauffeuring the girls, drinking matcha, and working out with my trainer. And in the too-rare extra minutes I’m usually reading, thinking about writing projects, and vigorously discussing books with my friends.

Education & Credentials